The Quest For A Melody : The Follow Up


The Quest For A Melody : The Follow Up

We shared this week The Quest For A Melody.

Right after our post we had several "suspects", tracks that could be the one Eddy looking for.

Kaat Baert, Violin player and music lover, was pretty sure it was Meditation de Thais from Jules Massenet. I have to say there are some elements from the melody in there.

Ann Baert, Soprano and music teacher,  thought it would rather be something of Eugene Ysaye, probably his Chant d'Hiver.

So we went to see Eddy at his play to check it out and the answer was.

Eddy had a bit of a bad day last Tuesday so we did not push it to far, however you feel the passion when he talks about this piece, in his head he can almost remember every note or feeling the music has and it has certainly an emotional value.

So the search continues, we did get some extra input however.

At the time that music piece was not valued as classical music, it was more "easy listening" or romantic music. However Eddy found that the piece had the same value as the violin concerto of Mendelssohn but he liked the piece he's searched better then the one of Mendelssohn.

Facebook gave us also some extra input, we will check it with Eddy next week.

Iwein Vandevyver Vioolconcerto van Erich Wolfgang Korngold?

Marianne Janssens Violin Concerto In D Minor, Op.47: 1. Allegro moderato
Jean Sibelius al geprobeerd?

Our Soundcloud launch track has over 800 plays so let's continue The Quest For A Melody.

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