“To end with a bang”. BBDO must have kept this in mind when creating their last campaign for Proximus, because it sure is a wholelottainyourface.

The multi channel campaign for the new “Epic” deal is meant to reach millenials. Because who else maintains such an “epic” lifestyle where netflixing on the bus, in your room or behind your desk simply is the newest form of multitasking?

We were #gladwecouldhelp with the sound production, voice casting and music creation!

Client: Proximus
Contacts: Emmanuelle Puttemans, Sophie De Nys, Aurélie Denayer, Manoelle Ballaux & Nabil Aniss
Agency: BBDO
Digital Agency: Pivott
CD BBDO: Jan Dejonghe & Arnaud Pitz
Creation BBDO:  Gilles André, Ariane Floderer, Paulien De Clercq, Gregory Verheyleweghen & Gaetan Gomez Garcia
Image select: Bruno Van Langendonck (Imageselect Group)
Design BBDO: Christophe Malotaux & Jorrit Michiels
Strategy BBDO: Sofie Verstreken
Account Team BBDO: Eva De Gendt, Loes Daemen
Producer BBDO: Patricia Van De Kerckhove, Marlies Neudt & Leslie Verbist
Editor BBDO: 
Jasper Vanhauwaert, Valentin Taminiau, Dejvi Vandeveire
Production company image: Wenneker
Willy Krank
Producers: Filip Vangeffelen & Andreas Vermeulen
Production company Sound: Raygun 
Peter Baert (Raygun)