Last month we joined forces with Serviceplan to create a new radio and TV campaign for Amplifon. And with that new campaign, a brand new sonic identity was born!

People often tend to forget that the audio logo is as important as the visual identity or logo. After a thorough investigation we translated the brand essence of Amplifon into sound. The audio logo (or more commonly known as jingle) is based on the sound of a hearing test. It’s a clear and bright jingle which you hear separately through the left and right speaker.

“If you can’t understand this spot, then it’s time to visit an Amplifon center for a free hearing test”; thus the approach for the radio and TV campaign. Each spot consists of a situation in which people whose hearing isn’t great should recognize themselves. The voice used in the campaign is very warm and trustworthy, almost like he’s ready to welcome you in an Amplifon center.



Agency: Serviceplan

CD: Benoit Vancauwenberghe

Account: Augustin Ide

Radio production agency: Raygun

Pub coaching: Toon Jansegers & Peter Baert

Engineer: Lars Overstijns

Sonic branding: Peter Baert