*** “Son of a church organist, Belgian studio tweaker PETER BAERT shows a definite fondness for the less than ecclesiastic tones of the Rhodes Mark II, structuring whole compostions out of dense and intircat manipulations of its distinctive sounds. Even the sturdy beats bolted into their framework are the result of cutting elongated loops into tighter, more percussive breaks. Thanks to the lean lines and efficient layering of each piece, a tight range of sounds is allowed enough emotional intelligence and life to keep the senses engaged, making his debut well worth tracking down. Those who need a little more persuasion should check out the oblique sonic archtitecture of ‘Rounded, Requiem For A Boy’ and the neatly arranged progressions of ‘Zodiac Love’                                                 (THE WIRE , the Anthony Braxton issue)***


Beautiful sophomore release on the recently-added-to-bleep Raygun label by Brussels based artist Peter Baert. Introspective and intricate digital glitch with a beating organic heart. Across it's ten lilting tracks we are given treated piano and chiming guitars, chopped up and infused with binary glitter, collaged vocals and synth washes . Lush stuff. -